on Channel 44 Thursdays from Oct 18, 8pm

Check out our awesome TV Series that showcases some of WA’s best food and beverage producers and venues throughout Perth and the South East in this series.

Chef Maurizio catches crab and cooks it on a houseboat, marinades and and cooks awesome WA crayfish in a tandoor, samples the finest wines, cooks truffle and quail soup, Roman eggs and much much more. Follow him on the trails on WTV Channel 44 on Thurs 18th October (Repeats Saturdays at 7.30 pm).

Produced by WTV, Citrus Marketing, Jonathan Ring.


Episode 1 Part 1

Maurizio is at his No Menu Finest Italian 448 restaurant where he cooks a first time ever to be seen on television dish; “KamelRoo” Burgers. Maurizio is joined by Veyis from Kebab Masters in Greenfields. Veyis is a Middle Eastern Cuisine expert and knows a few things about camels and how they were a delicacy in the Middle East for thousands of years.

Maurizio invites a panel of experts who have to guess what meats are in his Italian-style Kamelroo burger. They also pair a 3 Rivers Brewing Co. beer to wash it all down.

Episode 1 Part 2

Maurizio is lost in an industrial estate in Greenfields, WA. He is suddenly greeted by Trina Youchak from 3 Rivers Brewing Co. Trina invites him into an unsuspecting bar in a “warehouse”. Inside there are people, at a bar, drinking the 3 Rivers delights.

Maurizio interviews Trina and Partner Mark Rivers who is known as “the Brewfessor” (Mark is an Environmental Scientist). Maurizio goes on to cook his family beer and rabbit recipe and pairs “Tomahawk” beer with a “Tomahawk” steak from Rumps Gourmet Butchers in Meadow Springs.

Episode 2 Part 1

Join Maurizio as he visits Drakesbrook Fine Winesin Waroona (Heart of the Peel Region) where he meets Trish and Bernie Worthington. Maurizio discusses their beautiful collection of wines including Mediterranean varieties while overlooking the beautiful Drakesbrook Winery.

Maurizio then welcomes Vince Borrello from Borrello Cheese to Drakesbrook Fine Wines where Vince discusses how he, his wife Teresa and their family developed their award-winning Italian-style cheeses in Western Australia. Vince and Maurizio go on to pair beautiful wine and perfect Borrello Cheese at this very special location in Waroona

Episode 2 Part 2

Mandurah Houseboats features in this part as Maurizio arrives at his Murray River destination where he meets Mandurah Houseboat HolidaysOwner Alan Hill and his team. Maurizio cooks beautiful smoked Herring from Stan Djordjevic (The Herron Whisperer) and smoked Mullet from Meegan Watts from Wattsies Place in Herron. He also catches and cooks Blue Swimmer Crabs from the Houseboat.

Maurizio disembarks the Mandurah Houseboat to join Leanne Elson, owner of Jetty’s Bar & Grill on the Murray River where he meets Chef Yan and tastes his wonderful beef cheeks with a Ferngrove Cab Sav.

Episode 3 Part 1

Maurizio meets the iconic Tony Galatti of SpudShed and samples some of WA’s freshest veggies.

Episode 3 Part 2

Maurizio visits the picturesque Oceanic Bar & Grill at Dolphin Quay, Mandurah.


Episode 4 Part 1

Maurizio visits the Truffle and Wine Co. where he samples some fine truffles and learns about some incredible WA-made wines.

Episode 4 Part 2

Maurizio cooks up a dish with special guests from Harvey Eggs.



Episode 5 Part 1

Maurizio visits Wagin Duck & Game – a WA favourite.


Episode 5 Part 2

Maurizio visits one of WA’s best Indian restaurants: Royal India in West Perth. He samples some Indian delights before cooking up some tandoori crayfish.



Episode 6 Part 1

Maurizio visits Canton Bay Chinese Restaurant – one of the best Chinese Fine Dining Restuarants in Western Australia.



Episode 6 Part 2

Maurizio visits Princi Butchers to talk about the importance of great meat products in Western Australia.



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